Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is It Worth Going Back For ?

Another great experience from our Spring Break to Arizona trip was being able to spend some time at the Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple.  On Tuesday, 4/1, my wife and I plus my parents were able to attend an Endowment session at the Temple, ending inside the massive Celestial Room, which is simply awe inspiring.

That visit was so spiritually uplifting that Karen and I quickly made plans to go back on Thursday, 4/3.  So it was that the whole family made the drive into Gilbert so the children could walk the grounds of the Temple and we could take a few pictures.  I already shared the family picture on Facebook, but the two photos in this post were some that I took that I really liked.  All of the grounds of this Temple are perfectly suited for some amazing photographs, so if you like either of these then give credit where it is due (and that is the site, not me!)

Song Of The Day:
I have been a fan of piano music for as long as I can remember and there are some beautiful pieces out there.  I think the piano conveys a special spirit of reverence and majesty.
This song, "I Love To See The Temple" by Paul Cardall is a perfect companion to this post.  I certainly expect that heaven will be filled with lots of music, and I hope it is often simple tunes and melodies on a piano.
In ABQ, our friends tried to take a picture of me and my older boys in front of the Albuquerque Temple, but the back lighting of the sunset made it less than ideal, as we had to cut off the top of the Temple (with the Angel Moroni atop the spire) to avoid being completely washed out.  Oh well.


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