Friday, February 21, 2014

So What Do You Think ?

Some questions come fully loaded without much advance notice.  This seems to be especially true depending on who is asking the question.

Exhibit A:  Where's Myra?
This question is harmless when being asked by any of her siblings in virtually any scenario around our house.
This question is frightening when I asked it this evening at a "bring your kids to work for a movie night" event.

Exhibit B:  Who Is That?
Again, often used to simply clarify a person's name or other information about them.  A very useful question and one that raises little concern, unless ...
That question being asked by a girlfriend or wife when looking at pictures of their boyfriend or husband with some other woman is nothing short of condemnation.

Exhibit C:  So What Do You Think?
I can think of hundreds of scenarios where this is a nice, open ended invitation to share my thoughts on whatever subject is being discussed, BUT ...
Put me in a conversation with my boss, where a major "change" is being proposed, and I become VERY uneasy about openly speaking my mind on the subject.

Song Of The Day:
Change often brings about feelings of uneasiness.  For me these are mostly because I am lacking confidence in a new or different area. You would think that the confidence of others in me would provide strength and support, but instead they sometimes make me feel even more nervous.  Good music calms those fears though, so here's "Cruisin' " by Marc Antoine (one of my favorite jazz guitarists).


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