Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are You Nervous ?

Tonight I was privileged to attend my first ever NBA game with a great friend of mine, Aaron Summers.  This is the first of several posts inspired by events prior to, during, and after the game.

Aaron redeemed some points that he had earned (ask him if you want more details 'cause I barely understood how it all worked out) to score two great seats to the Nuggets vs Trail Blazers game tonight.  It wasn't until after we were at the game and the section attendant had asked Aaron the title question of today's blog that we both realized what was in store.  It also wasn't until after that question that Aaron shared with me lots of little details which clued me in that I was sitting next to a celebrity (for at least that night).

So linked here below is the video of Aaron standing respectfully on the Nuggets home court while tens of thousands of fans cheered and revered him for his military service.  It was awesome to see and be a part of!  (Apologies that the video starts so abruptly.  There was little warning that this was starting so I began recording as fast as I could.)

Special Video Presentation:  Aaron at Center Court

Aaron and I had some fun conversation after the experience, talking about how awkward it can be to be the center of attention.  And not just that, but specifically how awkward it can feel to be recognized for military service, when you know people are cheering just as much for what you represent as they are for you individually.  It is an odd mixture of pride and unworthiness.  I was proud that Aaron handled the whole spectacle so well, but I cannot imagine what that would be like.

Song Of The Day:
In honor of Aaron I have chosen "God Bless The USA" for today's post.  Lee Greenwood first sang the song decades ago (and I still remember singing it in grade school in the 80's).  The lyrics "and I'd gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today" came to my mind as I enjoyed the amazing spirit of appreciation and connection while Aaron was on the court.


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