Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are You Even Ready To Move ?

If you've never been asked to help someone move then you're either very young, don't have a truck or vehicle big enough to assist, or ... you need to get out more.

Most often when I am asked to help someone with a move, it is at church.  I would suspect Mormons move just as often as any other religious group, but I have no point of reference to compare it against.  Generally these moves involve either loading or unloading a moving truck at a location within the ward's (congregation) geographic boundaries.  On a few occasions these moves have involved loading and unloading the same family (most often they are staying in the ward in these situations).  You would think that would be the most frustrating part of helping someone move, but for me it isn't.  Not even close.

I am quite content to load and unload a moving truck.  I'll drive the whole thing to and from the old and new locations multiple times if that's what it takes.  I don't even mind loading someone's smaller or more fragile items in my own car to drive them to the new location.

But I HATE helping people actually pack for their move.

I'm not talking about packing "the truck" with boxes and totes and assorted pieces of furniture.  I'm talking about actually "packing" their stuff into boxes or totes or dismantling assorted pieces of furniture.

Packing a truck is like a big jigsaw puzzle or Tetris game.  It's kind of fun and rewarding to see how much you can fit in such a comparatively small space.  But there is NOTHING fun about touching other people's stuff and putting it in boxes that then need to be moved to the truck.  It's actually just flat out rude to expect others to be willing to help with that.  So much so that it is the only time I will leave before the job is done.  In fact, the last move I helped with was like that.  So I offered assistance with a washer and dryer, a fridge and couches and beds ... and then I quietly walked away while others began loading boxes with the family's stuff.

Song Of The Day:
Made popular in the Madagascar franchise of movies, the song "Move It" comes to mind as I write this post.  I do indeed like to move it move it when it comes to loading a truck.  I am physically fit, physically fit and will exhaust almost all of my energy to help you move ... but I ain't packing your stuff for you!



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