Monday, February 24, 2014

Doesn't My Wife Deserve A Nice Shoe Rack ?

Among my many hobbies is an interest in making things out of wood.  I can't carve or whittle, but if it is made of wood, and of relatively basic construction, I am reasonably confident I can re-create it.  I also, often, have my own ideas on things I would like to own, but would rather build them myself than spend time and money looking for something that meets my vision.

This is my original shoe rack which I made
about 3 years ago (just from scrap wood)
An example is the picture on the right.  I was tired of the pile of my footwear cluttering the corner of our closet.  So shortly after we moved into this house, I crafted my own shoe rack to fit into the space available.

Whenever I am making a project for the first time, I use leftover materials, rather than nicer wood, so there is vitually no cost.  This allows me to forgive myself too, if the project doesn't turn out.  Mistakes in pieces of left over scrap wood are not worth being sad over.

Once I "know what I'm doing" I'll use better wood, even purchasing specific styles or pieces to achieve a desired look or design.

An example of this would be the shoe rack I made this past week for Karen (pictured below).  Some of the wood was "hand me downs" from my dad's workshop, but they were certainly not scraps and worked perfectly into the design and space I had available.

This is the 90% finished shoe rack I made for Karen.
The design has improved and obviously she has more shoes.

My next project is a trash can holder for the dining room and kitchen.  I made one out of MDF before, which didn't take long to break down.  But that's okay because it was my test project.  I am finally ready to make a long-lasting one, with some nice wood that I also salvaged from my dad's stock.  Thanks old man!  :)

Song Of The Day:
What better song than "Knock On Wood" by Amii Stewart for this wood-themed post?  I'm a big time hater of most 70's or disco music ... but some tunes are just too good even with that terrible tie in.


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