Friday, November 8, 2013

8 - This One Has To Be A Lie, Right ?!

From the Facebook post little known facts about Josh Case Sr:

8 - I am actually quite introverted and quiet or shy.

Some people will not believe this, especially my work friends.  I only act confident and outgoing because my role(s) require it.  I am not afraid of public speaking, but I much prefer to do my tasks by myself than work in groups.  I also prefer to listen rather than speak (some will call that an outright lie), but I am nervous in silent situations so I will often speak just to break the silence.

Once I am comfortable with someone or in a certain environment, I will seem very extroverted ... but it's a struggle every time I do it!  I am forcing myself to go against my nature and engage in conversations or lead groups of people.

That's why this is perfect to be shared in a "little known facts" list ... because other than my immediate family and a few really close friends, probably no one would EVER know this.

Song Of The Day:
There are many tie ins to the song for this post.  "Invisible" by Taylor Swift is a quiet, wallflower kind of song.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I often feel invisible, but I also know that I own the solution for that.  I need to force myself to not be invisible.  That said, I think true invisibility would be the best superpower (if I were able to pick one that would be it!)  I think that's why I try to ask so many questions of other people.  While on my mission, I found that asking people to talk about themselves makes me feel good.  I can pick and choose things to connect with them on and I feel less invisible then.


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