Sunday, November 3, 2013

3 - What Is One Of Your Biggest Regrets ?

From the Facebook post little known facts about Josh Case Sr:

3 - I am NOT an Eagle Scout.

One of my greatest regrets in life is that I gave up on Scouting once I turned 16 years old.  In hindsight, I had plenty of time (2 years) to finish the last 3 merit badges I had almost entirely completed and my Eagle Scout project.

But I didn't.

Work, church, sports, high school, and of course girls, were a higher priority for me at that time.  I promised myself that if I ever had sons, they would be required to earn their Eagle Scout before they could get their driver's license (my two best friends in high school had this requirement and they both earned their Eagle!)

Song Of The Day:
I am unsure of the artist for this recording, but I think about the movie "Follow Me Boys" with Fred MacMurray when I hear this song.  In the movie, he leads the boys (initially somewhat ineffectively) to accomplish things they might not if he hadn't cared enough to teach them.  While I may never have earned my Eagle Scout, I can assure you that I will help as many young men earn theirs as I possibly can!


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