Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 - How Is This Even Possible ?

From the Facebook post little known facts about Josh Case Sr:

6 - Despite my love of basketball, I have never attended an NBA game.

This is a sheer tragedy, especially when you consider that I have attended 3 (three) NHL games featuring the Colorado Avalanche ... and I actually don't really like hockey at all.  I've also never been to an NFL game and I have become quite the Broncos fan in the last 15 years.

There is no reason other than time and money for which I have never attended an NBA game.  I shelled out over $100 for tickets to attend the NCAA Tournament in Denver a few years ago (when Jimmer Fredette was leading BYU to the Sweet Sixteen).  So money has a small part to play, but it isn't enough of a reason NOT to go.  I also have invested quite a bit of time attending and/or participating in sporting events, primarily basketball.  So that is not enough of an issue either.  It's really the combination of time and money that gets me I think.  That easily applies for never making a Broncos game (yet).

Song Of The Day:
Blues music is just awesome!  Here is the original recording of "Ain't That A Shame" by Fats Domino.  It is a shame I haven't (yet) been to an NBA game.  But I know it will happen sometime so there's no sleep lost here at night because of it.


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