Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Have You Been ?

Today at work I received a phone call from a former employee.  For almost two years we worked together (she reported to me up until the day she resigned to pursue other opportunities) and over that time we had many very good conversations on a variety of subjects.  When she left, I was excited and happy for her but also sad about her departure, because the team and I would both be missing her presence and positive influence.

What a pleasure it was to talk to her again today!

During our conversation it became apparent that she had been going through some rough work experiences.  She stated that she had called me to just check in, but I could sense that she was feeling very deflated about some recent poor interactions she had experienced with various people in authority over her.  After getting her to talk about her concerns she conveyed that she just missed the kind of coaching I used to provide her about her performance.  She didn't realize how much she craved that kind of reinforcement (whether positive or constructive - either is better than not knowing how you're doing).

Our conversation evolved into a discussion around goals and priorities.  That gave me an opportunity to provide her with some coaching.  I emailed her a recent article I had read about setting goals and establishing priorities (she had lamented her tendency to jump quickly from one thing to the next without a more planful approach).  She thanked me for my time and I asked her to follow up with me after she reviews the article and outlines her priorities and goals.  I then thanked her for allowing me the opportunity to still provide some coaching to her.  She again thanked me for my help and told me she was greatful for our friendship.

You never know whose life you can touch (or who might touch your life) with just a simple conversation.  To everyone out there who feels inadequate or unappreciated I suggest the following: call an old friend or strike up a conversation with someone you haven't spoken to in a while.  There is true strength in camaraderie.

Song Of The Day:
Even though the song was overplayed (at my high school anyway) when it first came out, Michael W. Smith's song "Friends" is a great tune with inspiring words.  I sometimes think about the concept of spending eternity catching up with souls I haven't chatted with for a long time.  That sure sounds like a nice heaven to me.


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