Friday, October 18, 2013

Did I Bring The Snow ?

Yesterday afternevening I completed two tasks that each only happen once per year:
 - mow the grass for the final time before winter
 - hang up the golf clubs for the season

The time had come for both things to be done.  I cannot see any situation until next Spring when I will be able to play a round of golf.  I also knew that the temperature was likely not going to be much warmer again for some time.

My question is ... which of these actions brought about the 1-2 inches of snow and frost that blanketed my plot of land here in beautiful Colorado Springs this morning?  Or was it a combination of both things?

Song Of The Day:
Too early for Christmas music?  I think not!  Besides, "Let It Snow"  is more of a winter song than just Christmas themed.  Enjoy this original version by the great Frank Sinatra.


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