Friday, June 12, 2015

Why Do You Wear Sports Team Apparel ?

I've been accused of it too - 'You're just jumping on the bandwagon huh?!'  And while that might be accurate in some situations, I can make an equally compelling argument in favor of the accessibility of team merchandise.

In the 2007 season the Colorado Rockies went on an unbelievable win streak that carried them into an improbable World Series appearance.  I've been a 'home team' fan for pretty much all of my married life (I hated the Denver Broncos when my family of origin first moved to CO, but that's another post for another time), but it's been mostly a passive support.  As the Rockies made this run for the ages, I noticed that team gear began popping up in stores EVERYWHERE.  And the prices for everything were much more reasonable than normal.  As a result, I purchased a replica jersey and wore it a few times through their playoff run.

But does that automatically make me a 'bandwagon jumper' or was I just an economically conscious fan?   I didn't root against the team before, nor was I any more impassioned as a fan after purchasing and wearing the jersey.  It was truly just more convenient and an easy conversation piece.

After all, 'fan' is an abbreviation of 'fanatic' and I certainly am not that about really ANY team any longer.  I root, I cheer, I read box scores and articles, I talk about the games, win or loss.  But I almost exclusively wear the 'gear' because it is convenient.  People assume I LOVE the Broncos be use I have gloves, a jacket, a few jerseys, a few hats, etc. - but these were almost all gifts or very inexpensive and of a good quality for the cost.  I like rooting for the home team, but if I was in another state I'd probably root for those teams and wear their apparel, so long as it was reasonably priced and readily available.

Song Of The Day:
When a 'bandwagon' forms, those on it are a judgmental bunch.  They clamor at you to "Come With Me Now" (a great tune by the Kongos) but then if you follow them and join on, they deride you as a fair weather fan.

What the what people?!


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