Friday, June 19, 2015

Are Your Choices Really Yours ?

This evening, after being away from my loved ones all week for a business trip, I watched a movie titled "The Adjustment Bureau" with my wife and two oldest sons.  It has two prominent stars in the roles of main characters but I could not recall hearing anything about it when it came out 5 years ago.

I really enjoyed this movie!

The basic premise, without really spoiling anything, is that there exists a group of people (not human, not angels) who influence our lives and fate by adjusting our rationality as related to decision-making.  This helps keep us on track to play our part in the master plan.
The main male character in the film finds out about this group and is then faced with a dilemma: trust in the path that leads him to some impressive personal glory OR go against that plan and follow his heart - or in other words, make his own choices without being influenced by these adjusters.

For me, this movie allowed for reflection on how I am making the choices in my life.  What thoughts or perceptions or beliefs influence my decisions?  What are my motives?  What truly is my end goal? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve what I want?  And, what are truly the most important aspects of my existence?

If you're in the mood for an action-packed (with a cute love story for the ladies) but thought-provoking film, I would recommend The Adjustment Bureau.  We found it in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart but it might even be on Netflix or available elsewhere.

Song Of The Day:
The other great thing about this film is that it gives a perfect blog topic for me to feature a song I've enjoyed since I first heard it: "Budapest" by George Ezra.  The title is misleading unless you know the lyrics of the song, where the singer indicates he would give up his house in Budapest for the love of his life.  Most people who've heard the song focus on the chorus lyrics For you-oo I'd leave it all.  The tie in to today's post is fairly obvious - and once you watch the movie you'll appreciate the tune even more.


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