Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bananas Over Mommy ?

As you can see in the picture to the right (from a few months ago), Spencer's onesie (pronounced won-zee for those readers who don't have kids and thus have no idea what that is) makes quite a statement ...
but it can be interpreted at least TWO different ways.

Option #1:
- The phrase could mean that Spencer is 'bananas' over his mother - in the context that 'bananas' means: crazy about, loves, enamored with, excited to see, etc.

Option #2:
- The phrase could be a comparison of two distinctly different things: Bananas and Mommy.  In this scenario, the wearer of the clothing depicting the phrase is indicating the order of their preference - I choose 'bananas' OVER choosing 'Mommy' ... 'cause that's how I roll!

My opinion is that the latter explanation IS more accurate if there are both bananas and Mommy present.  In the absence of bananas, the first explanation is also accurate for Spencer.

Song Of the Day:
Say what you will about some of her choices and brand image, I am still a fan of MANY songs by Madonna, including "Crazy For You" which is today's song choice.  Set aside any personal negative feelings you may have for the singer and you might find yourself enjoying this simple, yet meaningful tune.  It just so happens this might be how Spencer would articulate his love of bananas and Mommy.  Okay, probably not ...


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