Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where are all the "Ballers" ?!

I remember a time when I had to lock the doors at the Meadowland Stake Center on Tuesday nights to keep too many basketball players from crashing our games.  We had at least 10 "regulars" and between 3 and 7 "maybes" each week.  Then people brought their friends.  I recal one night less than a year ago when we have 27 guys show up!  It was a mad house and I ended up just leaving because it was 30 minutes between games once you had to sit.

Two months ago:  we had 8 guys

7 weeks ago:  we had 5

6 weeks ago:  I cancelled because no one committed to coming.  (I went and played down @ Aeroplaza and that was pretty fun, but MUCH LESS challenging competition).

5 weeks ago:  we got 2 guys (myself included)

4 weeks ago:  I recruited like crazy and we got ... 7 guys.

3 weeks ago:  we got 7 guys again ... but not the same 7 guys

2 weeks ago:  we only had 6 guys (but one showed up very late so it was 2 on 3 for a while!)

Last week:  I cancelled because I only had 2 guys committed to coming.

So far this week I only know FOR SURE that 5 guys are coming.  What the heck?!  It makes me wonder if everyone just got old at the same time and we've all stopped being able to play at night.  I know I am more tired the next day, but I still love playing.  Where's the passion?  Where's the commitment?  Where's the love?  Where are my true "ballers" at?

For heaven sakes ... we have had 17 and 19 people respectively for the last two weeks at Volleyball (which I enjoy, but c'mon ... it's not basketball!)

So very sad ... this is probably why the Stake Presidency has already said we will only play Men's Basketball for the "Season" on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights (Thursdays will remain "Ladies Night" @ the gym).  Looks like my fears about playing for the Oakwood basketball team may never come to any head at all.  I guess that's good ... but I miss playing full court ball.  That's the best part of my game ... open court running and gunning ... put me in the half-court and I'm done (mostly).

Oh well ... maybe I am being taught a lesson ... we'll see ... (sigh)


  1. If it's hard to get dad's there, just think how hard it is to get mom's there. We had 3 at volleyball tonight. We don't even try to basketball except during the season. Still we usually only have enough to play half court. It makes it a difficult transition when we have to play real games in region. But, at least we get to play a little.

  2. How did you keep track of the number of people showing up each time!?! hope you can continue to get some more guys to play!~Heather

  3. That's rough about not being able to scrounge up enough players for basketball. You know, I would love to volunteer...hey! Stop laughing! Of course I wasn't being serious!