Monday, October 4, 2010

Whatcha watchin' ?

Lately ... the following TV Shows have had my attention.  Karen and I have been watching literally dozens of episodes each week to get "caught up" on these great shows.  Some we've always loved and others we've heard great things about from friends or family (of course that list is a mile long so we haven't seen all those you've suggested yet).

Since we've been able to watch many of them instantly on Netflix, we're getting up to the current season rather quickly (and our "through the mail" Netflix pattern works well enough to get two discs watched every week).  So without further ado, here are the top shows I'm checking out lately:

#1.  The Office
I just love this show and am a little disappointed that I've not really watched any of it over the past 6 years!  It is very much like my work life (even though they are in a small office and the folks I work with are generally MUCH smarter than the TV show).  It just resonates with real life, even when the situations are so surreal.  A former boss of mine always said that I reminded him of Jim, so I guess that's a compliment.  :)

#2.  Chuck
Although the current season (now that we're caught up) seems to be very similar to the Alias plot-line (mom and dad were both spies and they're both bad and good, etc.) ... I still enjoy the show.  It does remind me of a quote a heard once that "Being is never as entertaining as becoming."  So that must be why season one and early season two were more enjoyable for me.

#3.  Cougar Town
Okay, this is my most guilty pleasure (as the show is not the most clean) ... but it is HILARIOUS !!!  I'll reserve a separate blog sometime in the future to compare the core 6/7 characters in this show with the Friends cast (which is partly why it is just as funny).  But I have literally hurt myself laughing from this show more than pretty much anything I have EVER watched before.  So many quotes but a recent one that I love is the "nonversation" which is that time when two guys are just sitting there, not talking, but lots is "said" between them in the silence.  I laughed three times out loud while writing this because I remembered so many parts that are just too funny to describe.  And I have to say it 'cause they have a super cool version of this you can play on their website:  PENNY CAN !!!

#4.  Bones
Karen kinda got me interested in this one.  I watch mostly because she loves it.  The female lead (aptly nicknamed "Bones") reminds me way too much of an ex-girlfriend: book-smart but socially very awkward.  The actress in the show is quite beautiful though so she's not like my ex in that regard at all!  Anyway, I can't stand the gross bone-related stuff, but the witty writing and banter between the characters is very fun to see.

#5.  Psych
Speaking of witty writing, this show has probably the best writers, if only from the standpoint of: how many one-liners and quips and obscure 80's references can we squeeze in one episode?  I laugh so many times during each episode, and sometimes have to pause the show to explain to Karen why the reference is so funny.  It never translates near as well as I'd hope.  But again the cast of characters and the roles they play set up for so many funny moments (but the show is at it's best when it mercilessly mocks itself and/or other psychic or crime-solving shows).

#6.  Leverage
Best show ever ... that is among those based on a good guy done wrong, who kinda goes a little bad (bends the rules) and does so by hooking up with a group of proverbial bad guys (and girls), who kinda go "good" once they have a taste of what using their powers for the right side feels like.  Again, witty writing and great individual characters.  But this show is set apart because the interplay between the characters is masterful.  The computer geek is envious of the muscle-man fighter, but those tables are turned just as often and the geek is "the cool kid."

#7.  Castle
The two main characters on this show are played by people who I already loved in other venues.  Nathan Fillion was completely lovable yet equally disliked in his role in Firefly, and his character in this show is similar enough to take advantage of his strengths, yet different enough that you don't assume he is one-dimensional as an actor.  The female lead played a vampire in a made-for-TV series starring Noah Wyle (The Librarian).  She was very adept at playing that sexy role and this role has her down-playing her attractiveness as a more hard-core police detective.  The "will they" or "won't they" magic continues between these two opposites that are really quite perfect for one another and that makes it super fun to watch, if not very frustrating to wait for the eventual "Yeah, they did!"

Oops ... gotta go ... Karen's ready for some more humor ... life is sure grand even without DirecTV or cable!  :)


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  1. I read this post this morning and loved it, so I read it again this evening so I could post my comment. You've got great taste in TV shows! I've watched several episodes of Psych and I love the continual '80s references! I've started watching Cougar Town and I am hooked! Loved the reference to 'nonversations'!

    Anyway, you did a brilliant job of recapping/reviewing these great shows. I need to watch the rest of them, because they all sound great!