Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who Do You Root For ?

Today I was reflecting on the title question above.  But not from a sports or competition perspective.  I was considering the implications in the game of life.

I root for:
- people who do the work
- companies that care
- goodwill, peace, and charity

I root for:
- success to find individuals who have earned it
- my children to have the strength and commitment to overcome challenges
- anyone, anywhere who wants to learn and grow and change for the better

I DO NOT root for:
- people who seek first to take the credit
- companies that are all about the 'bottom line'
- negativity or finding someone to blame

I DO NOT root for:
- success to find individuals who just think they deserve it
- my children to be better than other people's kids
- anyone, anywhere who refuses to learn or grow or change

I rejoice in achievements and accolades for those who truly deserve it, while secretly being glad when failure finds those who don't.  I do not wish or hope for bad things to happen to people, but I reserve my rooting for those people that are choosing to do the right things whether anyone else is watching or not.  I've recently seen several examples of people quietly, almost secretly, doing great things for others while trying not to draw attention to their efforts.  I find myself taking note and then cheering them on, indiscreetly of course - go (person's name)!  Thank you to each of you who have done this!  You are inspiring and I truly believe life will reward you for your choices!

Song Of The Day:
I really like the song "In The House Of Stone And Light" by Martin Page and so it's my choice for today's post.  The artist was someone I rooted for, but I also just love the sounds in this tune.


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