Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Where's The Door Handle ?

While driving I often notice new or different vehicle styles.  This is likely from my days spent processing vehicle addition transactions on auto insurance policies, where I had to be reasonably well-versed on different makes and models of various automobiles.

Today I noticed the rear doors on the 4-door Chevy Sonic and couldn't immediately see the door handles.  At a stop light, when I finally noticed where they were ... I felt like we were in the future.

They are up on the top, back portion of the door, just to the side of the window ... weird, but also kinda cool.

Song Of The Day:
Since it's kind of impossible to link a song from the future to this post, I've decided to go back a few decades and share "Open Your Heart" by Madonna.  There's not really any good songs that come to mind about opening car doors with a unique door handle.


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