Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Really?! The "Original" JC?!

Oh yeah! That's my nickname all right! Sure there have been others, most that I will not repeat here because some were downright mean and from those terrible teenage years, but this one has really stuck with me.

A sampling of those that did not "make the cut" include:
*Stick Boy
S. P.
Just Josh
*Golden Boy
Herky Jerky
*J Cheese
*Desua Alcott

Several of these nicknames have unique backstories (feel free to comment and ask for one story per person and I'll be glad to entertain your curiousity). But most stem from my many years of playing basketball where there seem to be more than a few Joshs on the court at once. This is the genesis of The Original JC, but I cannot recall whose idea it was to coin the name. What I do know is that for the better part of the last 5 years that has been my pen name of choice from computer passwords, to Facebook game names, and especially on the court. I even bought the domain name some years back but I never bothered to create a website and am certain it has been put to much less exciting use!

Not a long post today, but forever more (if the question comes up) future blog readers will be able to have some simple explanation of my blog name.
*The above nicknames were added after suggestions, comments, etc. from avid readers of my one-time (so far) blog post. Thanks! Keep the suggestions coming! :)


  1. Soooooo excited you are blogging.... can't wait to read your stories... love you!!

  2. I'm so glad that you have started your own blog! Love the nicknames - I didn't realize that you were "The Original JC" :)

  3. My nickname in college was KB. Yeah, my initials. There were two Kristy's on the track team and my last name was longer than hers. One of the boys got tired of saying it so he decided he was going to call me KB. It actually stuck.