Thursday, January 1, 2015

What Will You Do THIS Year ?

I recently read a blog post from my favorite Leadership blogger (linked HERE) wherein he wrote briefly about how we approach each new year.  Of course I love that he suggests using questions to improve ourselves (you know how I love questions!), but it also reminded me that it only takes the proper mental attitude to begin anew.
I've gone back and forth many times on my commitment to blogging (among many other arguably more worthwhile activities).  But reviewing this post (and reflecting on the questions Dan suggests) reminds me that our efforts do not always have to produce excellent or even noticeable results.
The key is to keep trying - keep pushing ourselves to improve - keep the strategies that work and replace those that don't.

In the end we'll have plenty to feel good about and we'll likely remember very few of the stumbles or low points.

Cheers to your new year's goals, whatever they may be!

Song Of The Day:
As you make your plans and goals for 2015, I would like to help you project ahead to the end of the year and visualize yourself singing along to the words in OneRepublic's song "I Lived"  The tune is certainly catchy, the message is meaningful (if not overstated), but it seems a fitting anthem for setting goals to challenge yourself in the coming year.  Filled with repeated statements of hope as a theme, I LOVE this song!


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