Saturday, January 28, 2012

Daily Theme Songs ?

Less than one month into the new year and I'm already failing at many of my "Two Word Resolutions" ... sigh ... oh well.

I am, however, doing well with at least one of them, although you might not believe it.  I actually have been Blogging ... just not here ...

As you might have guessed (if you read my blog in 2011), daily blogging became quite a challenge.  It's not a "difficult" task, but it is not easy to justify taking time away from other activities to sit at a computer and type out some thoughts.

Introducing my "Daily Theme Song" blog!

Ta da!

Each day, I will be selecting a song that fits two criteria:
 - First, I like it ... ALOT!  The song has to be a "favorite" on some level.  I'm not sharing "bad" music, but you are free to not like the music I pick.
 - Second, it summarizes that day ... or an event from that day that I want to remember.  I think music creates stronger links to memories in our lives.

So check out my new blog by clicking on the link above.  I've already put about a month's worth of "Daily Theme Songs" out there so you can get a taste of the kinds of music I'll be sharing.

Feel free to "follow" that blog too ... if you like music and/or want a daily song to consider as a possible theme.

I will still write some posts for this blog, but probably only once every 1-2 weeks.  As always, thanks for your support and comments!  :)


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